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Kieron Knight’s Foreskin Exam
Kieron Knight's Foreskin Exam
“I’m well-endowed in the foreskin department,” boasts Kieron Knight. Robert Chandler got to find out as he gave the UK porn star a detailed Foreskin Exam. Kieron also shares a story about having some foreskin fun while pissing before Robert strips the lad down to his Calvin Kleins. The foreskin inside proved too hard to resist and Robert soon has it in his hands, stretching, pulling and stroking Kieron’s long prepuce. Kieron loves showing off and this close inspection gets the Brit all worked up. He leans back and takes his big, hooded cock into his own hands, lubing up the dick-head with his own spit and tugging his foreskin to it’s limit, all the while getting harder and harder! Kieron is soon standing up pounding away at his stiff staff until he yells OH FUCK and makes it rain with cum. Stay until after the credits and see the creamy load that Kieron dropped all over Robert Chandler who was filming from below. Mouth-watering!

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Derek Chambers & Christian Mohr
Derek Chambers & Christian Mohr
If you love foreskin, you are going to go crazy for this video! Derek and Christian strip each other down and explore each other’s bodies and foreskin.Then they kiss, suck, dock, jack, fleshjack and give each other a foreskin workout! These uncut guys get so hard and worked up! When Christian lets his milky load fly, Derek quickly lets loose with a powerful spray all over Christians chest!

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Christian Mohr’s Foreskin Exam
Christian Mohr's Foreskin Exam
Christian loves showing off his smooth, sweet foreskin and got so hard and wet knowing that you’d be watching. Robert Chandler peels off the latino twink’s clothes and pulls out his hard cock and works his foreskin. Christian keeps it hard and hot as he stretches his ‘skin, wanks his boner and fingers his hungry asshole. Things got so heated, Christian pulled Robert’s cock out while he was filming and started hungrily sucking it until it exploded. Then Christian let out a gusher of jizz that drenched his own face. It has to be seen to be believed (especially when Christian starts eating his own cum)!

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Eli’s Foreskin Exam
Eli's Foreskin Exam
There’s something erotically natural about Eli: His laid back attitude, his wavy blond hair, his unshaved body and, of course, that magnificent foreskin! Robert Chandler strips Eli down and gets up close and personal with his already-hard cock. What a boner! Eli lays back and wanks his dick and works his foreskin, moaning and breathing in ecstasy. When Eli finally can’t hold it in any longer, he sprays the room with a cumshot that will go down in history!

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Gabriel’s Foreskin Exam
Gabriel's Foreskin Exam
Gabriel may be a married man, but he loves playing around with guys. Robert Chandler was only too happy to accommodate Gabriel by stripping him down and giving his Brazilian foreskin a very close look. Good-looking Gabriel gets the foreskin workout before having his first go at a Fleshjack. Gabriel fucks the toy so hard, the poor thing falls apart! It’s no surprise when Gabriel lets loose with a cum spray that will make your mouth water!

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Branden Forrest Uncut
Branden Forrest Uncut
Branden is a shy, naturally sexy 19-year old I found in Northern California with blue eyes, pale skin and an angelic look about him. As a true Bay Area boy, Branden’s unshaved pubic hair is every bit as natural and earthy as his wicked 7″ uncut cock. During his interview, I found out he keeps his lean, fit body toned by hiking and bike riding and that he doesn’t have a gag reflex (!). In the video, Branden showers his firm, beautiful body before crawling in bed and to show us how he likes to work his foreskin, pulling the skin over the head of his glistening dickhead before working his sturdy cock into a tasty boner. He ultimately lets loose with a beautiful explosion of cum, starting of with two smaller spurts. Angelic or not, Branden is sure to give you impure thoughts you’ll never forget.

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Kit Deschanel
Kit Deschanel
This is the video debut of knock-out Kit Deschanel! Young, sophisticated and sexy, Kit is a walking fantasy. His European charm and hard, uncut dick is going to make you cum on your computer! Kit tried out a Fleshjack for the first time. And, boy, do he love it! If his shy smile doesn’t get you, list long, curved dick with the tapered foreskin will get you to cream! This is Kit’s first time on camera!

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Calvin Uncut
Calvin Uncut
Calvin came to the shoot armed with a bad boy attitude, wild wavy hair, lean body, rough good looks. The 21 year-old would make any man melt with his laid-back San Franciscan attitude and sleepy eyes. He’s straight and needs to be sexually dominant; it’s all about the money and control. In fact, Calvin says his appeal to guys is that he doesn’t want them. Not any more at least. He says he went through an extended “guy phase” in his youth. Now, he only lets guys lick his hard-on for hard cash. This guy really has it. It was hard to resist putting the camera down to stroke his floppy hair and man-handle his floppy foreskin. And what a foreskin! Smooth and long, Calvin loves being uncut and he loves working the ‘skin over the shaft. We think you’ll love watching him as much as we enjoyed filming him. Watch the camera trace Calvin’s body from the sexy fur patch on his chest, down a hot treasure trail. When he works that thick, uncut cock, his beautiful ball-sack bounces in rhythm to his strokes. Calvin likes to make sure he gets the job done and we’re glad he does!

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